Day 2: words


Have no worries.


Day 1: my view

my view– a sleepy puppy telling me stretching time is over and snuggle time has begun!

February Photo a Day Challenge


Starting tomorrow…

I have a real monkey on my back!

ugh, I’ve had a real monkey on my back today!


I got dressed today with intentions to go to the zoo with a friend and make some more friends (you know the monkeys, duh)… hence the incredible animal sweater by Leifsdottir.

By the time we finally met up it was 2:30, I still needed to get gas, maybe some food, and then we had a 45 minute to 1 hour drive ahead of us. Good thing we planned ahead and checked the zoo hours. *ahem* Right! or maybe we forgot… As we headed out I said something along these lines, “hey, I’m gonna call my friend Google to ask him what time the zoo closes. *time lapse* errrm… They close at 5?” BUMMER!

So plans changed and we went to the movies. Not a bad move, I must say. We saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’ll admit, I never saw the original or read the book. Lame, I know. It was in my Netflix queue though when I cancelled my account, that gives me points right? I had no idea what I was going into so there were plenty of big surprises (I’ll keep those surprises to myself. Just incase.)


Good thing I dressed comfy for a day of animal watching so when plans changed I was prepared to cozy up in the giant Arclight seats. I don’t know about you but I can’t watch a movie unless I can curl up in my seat. And I have no idea why on an 84 degree day in Los Angeles I decided to wear a flannel and a sweater with tights but I did and I am very thankful. Have you ever been to a movie theater that was above 60 degrees? Because I think that’s probably the average temp of every theater I’ve ever been in.

Tomorrow starts my last weekend at my current job. Ack! Bittersweet.

sweater: leifsdottir, flannel (that was a dress when I put it on this morning… whoops!): urban, cut offs: vintage lee jeans circa ’68 (the heart patch is my favorite!), jewelry: vintage, anthropologie




These Unif Hellraisers need to find their way to my feet ASAP.

Actually, the wine with silver spikes arrived on my door step today and I was heartbroken to find they were too small. I can handle a bit too small but these were TOO small. Like squeeze your feet in but don’t stand and don’t even dare walk because you will hurt yourself too small. When I checked back at the website the size larger was sold out BUT these black and gold beauties were there to surprise me!

Placing my order in the am.

white out

















All white.

January photo shoot inspiration, as promised.

image sources: 1. astopactionlife 2. Libe Next Magazine 3. seaographie 4. unknown 5. 6. 7. Cosmic-Dust 8. sex for breakfast 9. 10. 11. oraclefox (i believe) 12. photodonuts 13. 14. Kelly Moore Photography 15. 16.

going pro

I’m in the market for one of these…




Because I’m on my way to pro skating! Watch out Tony Hawk. I rode a skateboard for the first time yesterday and LOVED it! I’ll be kick-fliping, ollieing, grinding hand rails, and terrorizing the elderly on park benches in no time.
(my teacher may think otherwise)

My first deck will have an ikat or chevron print.





While browsing through the 999+ unread blog posts (yikes!!) on my google reader feed I came across a post (by that inspired me. Instead of making that one great all powerful and guaranteed to fail resolution in the new year she is making small achievable goals for each month of the year. And so am I. (Total copycat! No shame.)

I have plenty of ideas but who knows what March or August will look like so we’re going to take this one month at a time. We’re trying not to fail after all! So here goes…

January’s goals:
:style wardrobe and set design for portfolio photoshoot (inspiration photos to follow soon)
:call home more often
:do the dishes daily (this one might be broken tonight! haha)
:read one new book (I’ll add a title as soon as I find one)
:take more photos
:and lastly

Wish me luck!


I laid in bed this morning dreaming of all the possibilities of this upcoming year. With all of the new changes happening I am going to have so much more opportunity to explore and experiment!

Time to get excited!
and start making lists!


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