While browsing through the 999+ unread blog posts (yikes!!) on my google reader feed I came across a post (by pennyweightonline.com) that inspired me. Instead of making that one great all powerful and guaranteed to fail resolution in the new year she is making small achievable goals for each month of the year. And so am I. (Total copycat! No shame.)

I have plenty of ideas but who knows what March or August will look like so we’re going to take this one month at a time. We’re trying not to fail after all! So here goes…

January’s goals:
:style wardrobe and set design for portfolio photoshoot (inspiration photos to follow soon)
:call home more often
:do the dishes daily (this one might be broken tonight! haha)
:read one new book (I’ll add a title as soon as I find one)
:take more photos
:and lastly

Wish me luck!


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