I have a real monkey on my back!

ugh, I’ve had a real monkey on my back today!


I got dressed today with intentions to go to the zoo with a friend and make some more friends (you know the monkeys, duh)… hence the incredible animal sweater by Leifsdottir.

By the time we finally met up it was 2:30, I still needed to get gas, maybe some food, and then we had a 45 minute to 1 hour drive ahead of us. Good thing we planned ahead and checked the zoo hours. *ahem* Right! or maybe we forgot… As we headed out I said something along these lines, “hey, I’m gonna call my friend Google to ask him what time the zoo closes. *time lapse* errrm… They close at 5?” BUMMER!

So plans changed and we went to the movies. Not a bad move, I must say. We saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’ll admit, I never saw the original or read the book. Lame, I know. It was in my Netflix queue though when I cancelled my account, that gives me points right? I had no idea what I was going into so there were plenty of big surprises (I’ll keep those surprises to myself. Just incase.)


Good thing I dressed comfy for a day of animal watching so when plans changed I was prepared to cozy up in the giant Arclight seats. I don’t know about you but I can’t watch a movie unless I can curl up in my seat. And I have no idea why on an 84 degree day in Los Angeles I decided to wear a flannel and a sweater with tights but I did and I am very thankful. Have you ever been to a movie theater that was above 60 degrees? Because I think that’s probably the average temp of every theater I’ve ever been in.

Tomorrow starts my last weekend at my current job. Ack! Bittersweet.

sweater: leifsdottir, flannel (that was a dress when I put it on this morning… whoops!): urban, cut offs: vintage lee jeans circa ’68 (the heart patch is my favorite!), jewelry: vintage, anthropologie


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